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About Us

The Director's Message:

It gives me great pleasure to offer to the society Eloquence Play. Let’s take these baby steps to mould our children. Children, who can learn ‘Today’, celebrate ‘Today’ and lay the foundation for tomorrow!


At Eloquence we believe that each child is different and has different learning abilities. She/he only requires an environment conducive to her/his learning style, love and the faith that ‘all is well!’ So we provide a warm, secure and loving environment where every child is special and has the freedom to learn at her/his own pace.


Our curriculum is a careful amalgamation of teaching practices followed the world over, so as to suit our children. We nurture their thoughts, actions, feelings, expressions in an environment filled with fun and laughter, in making learning a way of life. We explore the potential of each child and give them a platform to voice their observations, inquire freely and build answers. Hence fostering inquisitive, confident little individuals ready to take on the future! Our aim is to ensure that our children graduate as bright, intellectually well rounded, independent, freethinking, respectful, responsible and caring individuals of the future.


I welcome you all to an experience of childhood with your children. Children are our investment to our culture and tradition. Let’s impart the right values which will help them be good and content human beings. Let’s together take this journey to an educational haven at ‘Eloquence Play!’.



Divya Mehta

Upcoming Events:
Fathers Day Celebration on 15th June 2019!

Settling in period for Playgroup from 10th June to 30th June 2019. Children will come in with Mothers on from 10th to 12th June. On 13th June children will be accompanied by any one Grandparent. Celebration of Fathers Day on 15 June. Children will accompany their fathers for an hour. Multiple activities will be done to make children feel comfortable, safe and happy!

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