"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Play Group: 2 years and above

EVIDENCE is mounting that early childhood education can have a lasting impact on your child’s long-term success.

Recent studies show that early learning builds the foundation for later learning all the way through to the end of secondary schooling.

Choosing the right preschool has just got a lot more important than parents might have previously thought.

Playgroup, Playschool, Preschool, Nursery school – it’s all pretty much the same, isn’t it?

The terms might often get used interchangeably, but the environments of a preschool or nursery school and that of a playgroup or playschool have crucial differences that are worth paying attention to.

It’s the goals of the environment that matter at Eloquence. Eloquence Playgroup provides childcare facilities for children from the ages of several months old up to 3 years of age when they graduate to the next class of Nursery. Playgroup offers a chance for toddlers to mix with children of a similar age, learn, play and grow together in a safe, clean and loving environment. They develop multiple skills, both, Gross and Fine.

A Playgroup class, at Eloquence Play, provides fun-learning opportunities!

​Nursery: 3-Years and above as of 01 June

Nursery children at Eloquence Play get a chance to play and learn in a group and one-to-one with a member of staff. They will also benefit from playing with other children, as this can help them to gain confidence and develop their social skills.

We Follow  Gandhiji's philosophy of learning which includes the 3 H, Head, Heart and Hand! The Head enquires, the heart is taught values, love and expressing emotions and the third H is Hands-on learning.

Children at Eloquence learn outdoors, wherein they are involved in different activities. They learn from observation. 

Plenty of Learning and teaching takes place through stories.  Gijubha Badheka would be proud of us!! 

Life skills

​Along with running a Playschool in the morning, Eloquence also conducts after-school workshops/Activities in the evening

  • Communicative English and Personality enhancement workshops for

  1.   Professionals

  2.   Home-Makers

  3.   College Students

  4.   Senior Citizens

  • Drawing and Colouring workshops

  • Phonics, Reading and Story-Telling workshops

  • Dance Class