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Best Play School In Paldi Ahmedabad

Eloquence is the best playschool at C.G. Road, Ahmedabad where our aim is to offer quality education to children to help them to grow in a harmonious environment resulting in their all-round development. We believe in encouraging children to do significant things through fun-filled activities with the help of latest concepts, technology, and teaching aids.

We give a carefully planned and organized educational programs and environment that helps children to develop and learn. The best play school in Paldi , Eloquence Play School, is where the children get to explore things with the complete support of their teachers and make them learn more to develop their creative skills in such a way that it becomes a fun activity for the children.

Play School In Paldi Ahmedabad

We have a talented and creative faculty highly capable of teaching and guiding children through their first experience at school. We believe that children minds in their formative years are like clay and needs to be provided the right environment to explore, learn and grow. At Eloquence Play School in west Ahmedabad, our teachers make the study session interesting and a fun activity for the children as what attracts children more is play, so activity makes them more creative and learn fast. Eloquence in Paldi play school knows Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Go to Best Pre school of Ahmedabad

Best Pre school of Ahmedabad

Going to Pre School is ‘A small step for a giant exposure in a child’s life’. This is the first exercise in which children are separated from the comfort and secure zone of their parents.

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Day care facility in paldi

We work on the assumption that calm and security form the optimum basis for children to develop to their full potential, both individually and within the group.

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After School Workshops

Families across the country are beginning to recognize the tremendous benefits a quality afterschool program can provide.

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Summer Vacation Workshop

These Workshops are conducted during the months of April/May/June in a stress free environment for children who have no other outlets to burn their energies! In her regular column, Sandra Feldman,

Our Students

We Nurture and groom

  • A happy life with a dynamic personality
  • A thinker who derives joy from self achievement
  • Helpful, responsible, respectful and honest individuals
  • An explorer, ready to take on challenges
  • An architect of a fuller and happier world

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