February 11, 2017

Our Team

Divya D Mehta

Founder/Director’s Message

At ‘Eloquence’ we believe that each one is different and has different learning abilities. She/he only requires an environment conducive to her/his learning style, love and faith that ‘all is well’. So we provide a warm, secure and loving environment where every child is special and has the freedom to learn at her/his own pace.

I have taken it upon myself to revamp education and create hands on effective learning methodologies which make learning fun, fast and lifelong . I welcome you all to an experience of childhood with your child. Let’s make education a path to impart right values and gain knowledge. Together, we shall take this journey to an educational haven at Eloquence Play!

Mittal Shah

As I walk into the gates of Eloquence, I feel happy and blessed each day! I feel honoured being the Founder Educator at Eloquence Play; having risen from a teacher, to a co-ordinator and now as Vice Principal. When asked, I always say, my strength lies in doing things differently with passion and conviction. If you have the creativity, zest and thirst for learning…………Eloquence is the right place for you! Working with children keeps me young at heart and inspires me to continue learning and challenging myself personally and professionally.

Parul Prajapati

These past 5 years have flown past and when I look back, I feel I have grown in leaps and bounds. I feel honoured being a Founder member of Eloquence. A teacher’s life can be very mundane if he or she only teaches from books and goes back home. I become a child with children; learn and play with them. I feel strongly about the commitment I give and that makes me do better and better each year. Children are my life and I love being amongst them. I feel blessed when they keep taking my name even after they reach home!

Stuti Shah

Hi! I feel proud to be a part of the Eloquence Family. I love my profession which brings me close to these little beings of god……children! Every day we enjoy with them as we do umpteen number of activities to hone and sharpen their skills. I feel blessed being an educationist. In my view, every child is a different kind of flower and all together they make a beautiful garden.

Time flies here at this garden called Eloquence Play!

Nidhi Kothari’s

Children are my source of inspiration and happiness! Joining Eloquence Play has given vent to my creative self. Every day is a challenge as children are different and each one has a unique pattern of learning! It gives me immense joy and satisfaction connecting to these little ones. Being a part of Team Eloquence, learning and innovating, building relations recharges my soul and spirit.
Emily Dickinson says ‘Hope’ but I say,
‘Joy is a thing with feathers,
that perches in the soul,
And sings a tune without words
And never stops at all!’

Meghana Gandhi

At Eloquence we give importance to each and every child, making learning and growing a happy process. I am immensely happy to be a part of this moulding process! Three years with Eloquence family has been like a beautiful flight into the skies of creativity and innovative teaching and learning. I never knew that it would be engulfed with so much of love given by these little toddlers! My love for Art has also given me a special place and that gives me a lot of satisfaction. Time flies at Eloquence and we feel so much at home.

Vaishakhi Shah

Eloquence Play is my second home! The child within me loves being with children, counselling them, teaching them, laughing with them, singing and dancing with them. Though I am a Post-graduate with CFA certification, I don’t carry the baggage of my qualification. At Eloquence I am a friend, guide, philosopher, mother and teacher. I derive great satisfaction in growing as an individual and being able to make a difference to each life I touch! When these little children come and hug me, my blues turn to pinks!! I cannot imagine myself anywhere else except here.

Trupti Kapadiya

I always wanted to be a Teacher and my dream came true when I joined Eloquence three years ago. I enjoy thinking and doing things out-of -the-box and this characteristic has helped me to connect to children. I love it when my talents are appreciated and am given credit for my work. We are always told that education is a key to success and I am glad I am a part of it touching so many lives at Eloquence Play! The best thing about Eloquence is that we are all happy that our talents are explored to their apex!

Foram Shah

My Journey with Eloquence started 2 years ago and boy what a journey!!! I have grown with my children. We discovered so many new ways of learning and teaching. My strengths of Calligraphy, Dance and endless energy is explored to its maximum. I am a firm believer in Positive thinking and hence deal with my children with positivity! Teaching gives me a lot of satisfaction and has made me what I am today…….A jolly good girl!